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For interested candidates doctoral studies at the FA will ensure a full intellection and general cognitive progress in the field of management science through teaching, scientific research and scientific-theoretical approach to the subject of scientific interest, the administration in its overall appearance.

The public administration research is based on good methodological and theoretical basis. The purpose is synthesis of public administration knowledge and development of public administration theory and the affirmation of theoretical knowledge in the professional level relating theory to development practices in its specific social environment.

Third cycle initiates an intense, constant scientific research, cognitive motives of students from the first two cycles on Faculty of Administration and other faculties acquiring highly specialized scientific knowledge.

Through the implementation of the third cycle studies Faculty intends to consolidate and extend a further development of current professional, scientific and academic exchange in general with interested candidates in B&H and abroad.

In domain of academic exchange Faculty creates a conditions to increase mobility levels for students through the interdisciplinary studying of public administration, exchange of teaching and other specialized forms of instructions. With realization of Doctoral studies, the implementation of Bologna concept of study in Faculty of Administration is completed.