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The Faculty’s scientific and research activity includes preparation, implementation and evaluation of scientific and technical projects, as well as the implementation of their results.

The Faculty is engaged in scientific and research work aimed at developing science, improving higher education activities and popularizing science in general. The scientific work at the Faculty is carried out through basic research, applied research and experimental development. The Faculty of Public Administration enshrines educational, scientific and research work.


In organizing and carrying out of scientific activity, the Faculty cooperates with other members of the University of Sarajevo, academic and research organizations and institutions engaged in education process both in the country and abroad.


The scientific and research work of the Faculty provides for research, results and implementation of modern theoretical and practical postulates in administration sciences.

The Faculty also organizes and carries out interdisciplinary scientific and research work.


In planning, organizing and conducting scientific and research work, the Faculty of Public Administration starts from the results of modern researche in the domain of science and education.

As being primarily education-oriented, the Faculty is engaged in scientific and research work mainly in administrative sciences, as well as the scientific and research work in the field of other sciences results of which may be applied to the process of education development.