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Faculty of Public Administration associate member of the University of Sarajevo in a joint promotion graduates of the Sarajevo University conferred the fourth generation of graduates.




The curriculum at the Faculty of Administration provides the necessary theoretical and methodological knowledge, which are required for further second cycle studies. The study offers a strong practical education with a very dynamic theoretical basis in order to enable professionals for administrative work and for responsible positions in private companies.…




The lifelong learning or LLL (seminars) – includes organized professional seminars intended for civil servants and employees  in various sectors of public administration as well as to persons in charge of staff affairs in municipalities, which are conducted through combined lecturers’ presentations and active participation of attendees. In addition to…


Research/Scientific work


The Faculty's scientific and research activity includes preparation, implementation and evaluation of scientific and technical projects, as well as the implementation of their results. The Faculty is engaged in scientific and research work aimed at developing science, improving higher education activities and popularizing science in general. The scientific work at…


About faculty


Interest in practical functioning and scientific research of the administration has strongly grown in the Western European countries as well as in other developed countries of the world. Being a sector of the state, the public administration has a function to enforce law and implement national policy according to the government’s instructions and control. Social and political development and a growing number of complex requests addressed to the state by individuals result in the strengthening of role of administration in general,  increasing the complexity of its operations and further expansion of the administrative apparatus. The recent studies indicate that at present only four European countries (ruling out BiH) do not have a faculty of administration within their education system. In the process of ongoing political and social transition in our country and in view of coming constitutional changes, the establishment of a separate faculty of administration to address this complex…

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