About faculty

Interest in practical functioning and scientific research of the administration has strongly grown in the Western European countries as well as in other developed countries of the world. Being a sector of the state, the public administration has a function to enforce law and implement national policy according to the government’s instructions and control. Social and political development and a growing number of complex requests addressed to the state by individuals result in the strengthening of role of administration in general,  increasing the complexity of its operations and further expansion of the administrative apparatus.

The recent studies indicate that at present only four European countries (ruling out BiH) do not have a faculty of administration within their education system.

In the process of ongoing political and social transition in our country and in view of coming constitutional changes, the establishment of a separate faculty of administration to address this complex and intricate matter, fills in a great gap in our education system. It also sets prerequisites for more rational, efficient, cost-effective, transparent functioning of a professional and competent public administration in BiH, through advanced education and training of specialists, who will contribute to successful responding of the public administration to demands and needs of our time.

The Faculty of Administration – University of Sarajevo, as a higher education institution of special social, scientific and academic importance, was founded in 2005 by Qualitas d.o.o. Education and Quality Center and entered into the register of corporations with the Municipal Court in Sarajevo.

The Faculty was founded primarily to improve specialized higher education of civil servants and administrative personnel in general in order to establish a functional public administration in BiH as a contribution to the public service, following the model practiced in the European Union.

Activities directed toward the public administration reform, based largely on education of new professionally skilled personnel for the civil service and entire administration sector, in-service training of the current personnel and statistical and other researches in this field are underlying motives for foundation and functioning of the Faculty.


Apart from the primary higher education and providing for various educational forms of in-service training to public administration staff, the Faculty of Administration is also engaged in publishing, giving preference to the work of scholars and academics from Bosnia and Herzegovina contributing in that manner to improvement of higher education in BiH.

In its socially required mission to give its input to the higher education system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Faculty of Administration is committed to the following:


  • Organization of and engagement in scientific and research activities as well as  development and improvement of  a highly-specialized professional training in the public administration;
  • Highly-specialized and research training of young specialists, students, researchers, and civil servants through specialized trainings (seminars, workshops, forums, scientific public debates, meetings, congresses and conferences) and practical training and other activities;
  • Theoretical and practical training, research, designing of strategies and curricula aimed at establishing public service following the model practiced in the EU;
  • Functional analysis and research of public administration in BiH aimed at restructuring and strengthening of administration capacities in BiH for the purpose of  European integrations;
  • Publications and editions of completed activities, results of research and analysis for the purpose of efficient functioning of the public sector in  BiH;
  • Cooperation with faculties, institutes and other organizations in the country and abroad in the same or related fields;
  • Academic and professional engagement in adoption of laws in the public administration and monitoring their impact and efficiency of their application in BiH;
  • Implementation and working on all national and international  projects ensuring, contributing to or promoting the establishment of a qualitative, technical, professional cost-effective and transparent public administration across BiH at all government  levels in serving public and being responsive to its needs;
  • Strengthening of rule of law and law-governed state through participation in the public administration restructuring in BiH;
  • All other activities and actions related to the public administration contributing to the development of the state of BiH in general.