Dean’s Mesage

pdekana-640x400In the European and other developed countries of the world, interes in practical functioning and scientific studying of administration phenomenon has grown. The administration is a sector of state whose role is to enforce state laws and policy as governed by and being under control of the government. However, that aspect of state activity has become particularly interesting today because in the past few decades of social and political development, the role of administration has become more significant, which has consequently led to expansion of the administration apparatus exercising functions of this part of the state.

Due to the increase in number and complexity of requests addressed to the state by individuals, even more by various economic, professional and other associations, and due to the strengthening of economic and social functioning of the state, the number and complexity of tasks performed by administration bodies is constantly growing. This results in further expansion of the administration apparatus in a modern society.

Founding a separate Faculty of Administration complies with the efforts to scientifically view the  position of administration in our society, and to take all necessary practical steps for it to successfully satisfy new requirements and needs of the time we live in. Today, in the time of ongoing political transition, the need evidently exists to develop the entire administration structure in the spirit of best democratic practices of this part of the state administration functioning, which by its nature, directly communicates with citizens and, as such, has to meet all their needs efficiently and rationally. This professional and scientific approach to the administration domain makes, in addition, a great contribution to development and affirmation of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is particularly relevant and significant nowadays in anticipation of forthcoming constitutional changes.

By far, the administration has been studied through the course of administrative law at law schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The separate faculty addressing complex and very intricate matters of administration fills in a great gap in our entire education system in the field of social sciences, creating preconditions for establishment of a rational administration system in our state and for promotion of science in administration. Finally, this is a great opportunity for our students to excel in one of the most important, most complex and most interesting fields of modern state, democracy and human rights.



Prof. Dr. Nezir Krčalo