New study programs 07.05.2014

In the academic year 2014/2015 Faculty of administration will enroll students in three adademic programs: Administration, Busisiness Administration and E-Government.


  • Study program ‘Administration’ following successful practices and European standards in the state organization, educates staff that will respond the challenges of modern life. Apart from the general legal and economic courses this study program emphasises the courses on administrative organization and procedures. Students learn how to conduct administrative procedures related to individual rights and obligations of citizens and their organizations. In this way, students are profiled for a stable job within a dynamic environment of different ministries, agencies, directorates, institutes, institutions, enterprises, municipal and city offices, NGOs and international organizations.  More info


  • Study program ‘Business Administration’ is preparing students for establishing and managing private business. This includes work and professional development in researching, planning and designing the company and its organizational units. Students are acquiring knowledge on management at all levels of the company, as well as human resources management, production management, project management and strategic planning. Consulting services in enterprise organization, management, business reengineering, change management and crisis management are emphasized in this study area, as well as busineess research and development. More info


  • Study program ‘E-Government’prepares students to provide services in government and non-governmental institutions, as well as to manage business processes in the market, by applying the information technologies. Students acquire theoretical knowledge and practical experience on the methods of IT analysis, design, implementation and maintenance.  They also study the transformation of traditional administration, e-government services and strategies, e-business, business web portals, security aspects of e-government, etc. These students  will be the leaders of the newly started administrative customization to the current standards of e-governance and e-business.


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