Goals and objectives

The goal of quality assurance strategy is to raise all outputs of quality assurance processes as well as the processes themselves to a higher quality level. The quality assurance strategy serves as a basis for further planning and drawing up of plans in the quality improvement and setting general and precise quality goals which are: specificmeasurable, achievable, relevant and timely (SMART). In this manner, the strategy implementation is raised up to the level of tasks, enabling the Faculty to carry out, achieve and control its major tasks and goals.


Long-term goals of the quality assurance strategy at the FPA are:

  • Continuous and systematic improvement of quality of higher education at FPA;
  • Improvement of quality of study programs;
  • Improvement of teaching quality;
  • Improvement of students’ evaluation of teachers’ performance;
  • Improvement of quality of evaluation of students’ proficiency;
  • Improvement of quality of scientific and research work