Public procurement in administration

The turbulent environment of contemporary societies imposes the need to intensify reform programs and projects in the private and public sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the process of joining the European Union. According to all indicators, the higher education will have a crucial role in this direction, which, as the responsibility for creating generations of professional and specialized personnel, will become the carrier of the upcoming reform processes in the reform of the business of legal entities in BiH.For this purpose and goal, the Faculty of Administration, as a basic institution for the formation of new academic generations capable of supporting and implementing the mentioned reforms, establishes a new direction in the second cycle of studies entitled “Public Procurement in Administration”.In the second cycle of studies in the field of science, the Faculty of Administration, in the organization of the new direction of “Public Procurement in Administration”, in the second cycle of studies in the field of science, decided in the long term for:- organization, performance, development and contribution to higher education and scientific research in the field of public procurement,- high-quality and research training of young experts, students, researchers through education and practice, and other activities (specialized and other seminars, workshops, tribunes, scientific and public debates, meetings, congresses, conferences, etc.)- academic and professional acquaintance with the possibilities of operational and strategic consolidation of operations, in public procurement- education, practical work, conducting research, developing strategies, plans and programs with the aim of introducing the practice of EU institutions in the area of ​​public procurement in the administration,- conducting analyzes and surveys in the field of public procurement in the administration, as well as the publication and edition of the conducted activities,- academic and professional development in line with future world and European business trends and trends, as well as monitoring the efficiency of their practical application in BiH,- training students for practical work in the spheres of public procurement- and activities that contribute to the development and improvement of the quality of higher education in BiH.

Master studys at the Faculty of Administration in Sarajevo is based on the need for mandatory reforms in the areas of public and private sector in BiH, in line with certain documents on the path to membership of the European Union. The goal was to create a study program of specialist studies in the field of public procurement, the first in Bosnia and Herzegovina, intended for students who are interested in the current and / or future professional orientation for acquiring and improving knowledge in the field of planning, launching and conducting public procurement procedures procurement, legal protection and contract management in public procurement procedures.

The study is conducted in two semesters. In the first semester, classes are conducted in 6 compulsory subjects. The second (summer) semester is foreseen for the final master’s work. The subjects to be studied are the following:

  • Methodology of research in administration
  • Law and public procurement policy of the EU
  • Basics of public procurement
  • Economics of public procurement in administration
  • Integrity in administration
  • Public procurement procedure in the administration
  • Legal protection and management of contracts
  • Master Work

After a successful completion of the master’s work, or the completion of the second cycle of studies at the Faculty of Administration in Sarajevo, holds the title of

Master of Administration – the direction of Public Procurement in Administration (60ECTS)

The Master of Administration is a person who is qualified to work on the most complex tasks in enterprises and institutions, as well as other institutions, in the tasks and tasks of planning, initiating and conducting public procurement, legal protection and contract management in public procurement procedures where individual and team work, making the most important decisions, as well as managing tasks. The body of the Faculty in charge of organizing and conducting the second cycle of studies is the Council of the second study cycle appointed by the Scientific Council of the Faculty. The right to enroll in the second cycle of studies has all candidates who have completed their undergraduate studies or the first cycle of studies at the faculty of social sciences that has 240 ECTS points.

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